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How old must I be to join?
You can join once you have reached your 12th birthday provided you have started Secondary School, and stay until you're 18years and 9 months.

How long do I have to Join for?
We are a purely voluntary organisation and as such you may join for as long or little amount of time as you wish. All we ask is that when you leave us, you return the uniform that was issued to you when you joined.

Will I have to join the regular Army when I'm older?
NO. The ACF is a voluntary youth organization, not the Army's recruiting wing. Some cadets do join the Army, some join the TA and some even go on to become Instructors within the ACF, however most simply leave the ACF.

How often do I have to Attend?
Most ACF units Parade twice a week. If you find that you already have another commitment on one of the parade nights, just talk to the Unit Commander, one night a week is better than no nights.

What do I have to bring with me?
Just yourself and a pair of boots, all the other equipment you need will be supplied, including the uniform.

Do I keep the uniform?
You take the uniform with you when you go home so you can prepare it, wash and Iron it, but when you leave the ACF we will expect you to return the uniform.

Can I gain any qualifications whilst I am a member of the ACF?
Yes you can. In addition to the normal Military-type qualifications, you can obtain a Duke of Edinburgh's Award from Bronze up to Gold Level - most cadets do this. You can also obtain a BTEC First Diploma in Public Services as soon as you are sixteen years old. EDEXCEL (the people who provide your GCSE Exams at school), have said that the activities you take part in with the Army Cadet Force from the day you join, is enough to qualify you for five of the six parts of the Award. The Diploma is the equivalent of 4 GCSEs at Grades A to C, and is well worth having - especially when you want to look for a job, or go to College or University.

How much does it all Cost?
There is a standard charge of £10 enrolment fee when you join, and a small charge every time you attend (around 50p a week). Most units have a Canteen, so if you want a bar of chocolate or a drink, then you should allow for this too. There is also a charge for attending Annual Camp. This varies slightly from year to year, but is usually between £35 and £45 for the whole fortnight. There is also a charge when you attend the Weekend Training Centre at Yoxter (near Cheddar), and this varies between £4 and £6 per weekend and is designed to cover the cost of feeding you

How do I join?
The easiest way is to visit your nearest unit on a parade night, and ask to speak to the Unit Commander, or contact Major Horsey.