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This site is continually under review and development based on the Feedback that we receive. If you have any comments or criticism about this site then please e-mail and we will try to improve this site based on your ideas.

What about information on each of the Platoons?
The Structure page has now been completed, this will show the details of each Platoon and link to authorised Platoon WebSites.

Can we have a page for our unit under this site?
Yes...Somerset ACF have enough space to host an entire web site for each Company and each Platoon within Somerset. The idea of this is that you have your website on a dedicated server just for Somerset ACF, no pop ups, no security worries, viruses etc. An example of this is Clevedon Platoon`s web site.

What about posting Orders on this site?
Already in hand...A private section only open to members of Somerset ACF, authenticated via username and password is being worked on. This will include Orders, paperwork templates that you can simply print off including pay and travel claim forms, on line database of cadets training statistics. The final approval has still yet to be given by the C.E.O.