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You do NOT have to join. The ACF is purely a voluntary organisation and you may leave at any time you wish. We do find that a lot of our Adult Instructors were once Cadets themselves and have decided to stay on when they have become too old to be a cadet!

There is a Joining Fee of about £10, and this is the same throughout the county. The members of each Platoon pay about 50p each week, but that can vary up or down depending on the Platoon.

You do have to purchase your own boots, well you wouldn’t like to wear mine, would you? We supply everything else that you will need from the camouflaged combat uniform to all weather waterproof clothes. All of these items are on loan to you free of charge, however, when you leave you will then have to hand it back to us.

Somerset Army Cadet Force accepts Cadets from the age of 12, as long as you are attending Secondary School, until 18 years of age old.