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Signal`s the name, Communication`s the Game.

Signals, or more generally referred to as Communications, is probably the world's biggest single activity. From that first time when Marconi sent a radio message across the Atlantic, communications technology has leaped forward in ever increasing strides. Satellite communications, mobile phones, radio, television, satellite navigation and e-mail to name just a few examples.

The Army is equally quick to accept and use this new technology. In the featureless deserts of Kuwait and Iraq satellite positioning devises have replaced conventional maps. The need to pass information and orders in the shortest possible time has led to almost every vehicle and foot soldier having a 2-way radio. Not only do today's soldiers have to be experts in their military skills but have to know how to operate and use their communications equipment.

Signals training has always been a part of Army Cadet activities and opportunities exist within Somerset Cadet Battalion for senior cadets to be trained to operate and use current army communications equipment. This training can also lead onto advanced courses where testing is administered by the Royal Corps of Signals. Success at this advanced level can bring the award of a 'Crossed Flags' signaller's badge or even the title of 'Cadet Assistant Signals Instructor'.