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HRH Duke of Edinburgh`s Award

Since the introduction of this award in 1956 by our Colonel-in Chief the Duke of Edinburgh, the ACF has been one of the largest operators of this award, helping thousands of cadets reach one of their greatest goals. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is not a youth organisation like the Army Cadets - it's a youth programme offering practical, cultural and adventurous activities. It has become an important feature of ACF training, to the point where more than 35% of all awards gained in the Voluntary Youth Organisation sector last year were gained by Army Cadets.

The Award operates at three levels, Bronze Silver and Gold. Each level has its minimum criteria to reach, depending on your age. As a basic guideline you must be at least 14 to start at Bronze level, 15 for Silver and 16 for Gold. Each of these levels must be completed by the time you reach 25 years of age.

Within each of these levels are four main categories :

At Gold level you must also participate in a Residential Project. This is where you must spend five days working as a member of a team, perhaps on annual camp working as a senior cadet with another company.

For more information on Age and Time requirements please click here.