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Adult Courses

There are two main types of course available to adults, Proficiency and Training/Assessment. The Proficiency Courses are designed to provide training for those with little or no experience in the chosen activity, in order to prepare them to attend a training course for a supervisor or leader. The courses are run over three weekends. To qualify for the Proficiency candidates must attend all three weekends. The courses will be run according to the syllabus provided by the JSMTC. Each Course will be registered and successful candidates will be deemed to have achieved the relevant Proficiency standard, and thus fulfill the pre course requirement for a training course.

Training Courses are designed to provide knowledge in the chosen activity in accordance with either the JSMTC or the National Governing Body. These courses usually require a specific standard that must have been attained by the candidate prior to commencement of the course. All those attending these courses should have a genuine interest in AT, and be prepared to spend some of their own time in improving their skills after the course.